Visualizing Venice

Caroline Bruzelius, Kristin Lanzoni, Mark Olson, Victoria Szabo, Iara Dundas


Project Website

This project began in 2009 as an initiative that uses archival sources (documents, plans, images) to map growth and change in the city of Venice. It is a collaboration with the University of Venice (IUAV) and the Department of Engineering at the University of Padua. The team now consists of about 30 faculty, post-docs and graduate students, and at Duke we are developing a series of inititives that also involve undergraduates in courses and in independent research projects with Prof. Kristin Lanzoni. A new initiative is being developed with the Nicholas School of Duke University that explores the connection between the natural and man-made environments of the city of Venice and its lagoon. We have set up a digital laboratory at Venice International University and had our first international training workshop there.