Spring 2018 Courses

Wired! Lab courses cover a range of art historical, historical, and visual & media studies topics. Each course integrates one or more digital visualization topics and/or projects that engage such methods as mapping, modeling, and digital storytelling. A list of all Wired! courses is also available here.

** Denotes new courses.

**Building Duke (ARTHIST 504L)

**UPDATE 01/08/2018: This course has been cancelled. It will be offered again in Spring 2019.**

Building Duke is a research seminar and laboratory on the architectural history of Duke Campus based on original archival materials (photos, blueprints, contracts, letters, and financial records) preserved in Duke Library collections. Students will produce original research projects based on primary materials and digital visualizations of changes in the physical fabric of Duke Campus through time. Read more.

Instructor: Sara Galletti

Time & Location: TU-TH 3:05-5:35pm | Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: data structuring, 3D modeling & rendering, mapping, video editing

**Digital Durham (ISS 356S)

This course fosters awareness of the complexity
of Durham communities, including the interconnections of the white and African-American communities in the past. Students will engage with a broad array of primary sources in the Rubenstein Library including maps, photographs, census data and handwritten letters from the nineteenth century–and digital
tools which they will use to share and interpret historical documents. Read more.

Instructors: Trudi AbelVictoria Szabo

Cross-listings: VMS 358S | EDUC 356S

Time & Location: WF 10:05-11:20am | Rubenstein 350

Digital Tools & Techniques: data structuring, digital storytelling, mapping, video editing

Historical & Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2 (HCVIS 581S-01)

Interactivity and online content management with 2D and 3D imaging and interactive systems.  Mini-projects based on existing and new research data from the Wired! Lab and elsewhere. Best practices for digital research project planning and collaboration. Read more.

Instructor: Mark Olson

Cross-listings: HCVIS 581S-01 | VMS 581S-01 | ISIS 581S-01

Time & Location: M 1:25-3:55pm | Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: interactive web design, content management systems, 3D visualization, augmented reality

Italian Baroque Art (ARTHIST 256)

This course traces the development of the Italian baroque in architecture, sculpture and painting and considers a variety of themes relevant to Baroque artistic production.The semester project will include a digital treatment of art historical contentRead more.

Instructor: Kristin Huffman

Cross-listings: ITALIAN 256-001 | ROMST 256-001

Time & Location: TTH 11:45am-1:00pm | Smith Warehouse, Bay 9, A266

Digital Tools & Techniques: digital archiving, content management systems, digital storytelling

Medieval Castles of Europe (ARTHIST 190S)

This course will examine the transition of Western Europe into a fortified landscape from the mid-11th century until the advent of large-scale artillery in the mid-15th century. As a way of investigating these topics, students will digitally reconstruct a historical or imagined castle in 3D graphics at a specific place and time covered in the course. Read more.

Instructor: Edward Triplett

Cross-listings: MEDREN 190S

Time & Location: TTH 1:25-2:40pm | Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: 3D modeling, mapping, interactive display

**Politics & Modern Architecture (ARTHIST 284)

This course explores the role of political institutions and ideologies in the history of modern architecture. The course provides a foundational knowledge of the history of modern architecture as well as how political institutions and ideologies have influenced that development. Read more.

Instructor: Paul Jaskot

Cross-listings: HISTORY 263 | POLSCI 263 | PUBPOL 287

Time & Location: WF 10:05-11:20am | Smith, Bay 10, A266

Digital Tools & Techniques: digital storytelling