Spring 2017 Courses

In Spring 2017, the Wired! Lab is offering courses for first year students, upper class students, and graduate students. These courses cover a range of art historical, historical, and visual & media studies topics. Each course integrates one or more digital projects with which students may enhance their understanding of course materials while challenging themselves to present scholarly arguments through visualizations such as maps, models, and information visualizations. Below is a brief synopsis of each course. A list of all Wired! courses is available here here.

ARTHIST 208 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Athens


This course, team-taught by professors at both Duke University and The American College of Greece-Deree, will use the Classical through Roman visible physical remains of Athens as a focus to explore the changing face of the city through in-class and cross-continent reading and debate, digital creation and on-site exploration.  Teamwork between students in Greece and the US will be a major component of the course. Students will learn to manage and present information with Omeka and Neatline.

NB: The course includes a mandatory, full-funded trip to Athens during Spring Break. The enrollment cap is therefore set to 10. Preference will be given to sophomores and juniors, and to those students interested in learning digital visualization tools. Read more.

Cross-listings: CLST 248

Time & Location: MW 11:45am-1:00pm | The Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: Digital Archive Management (Omeka), Mapping (Neatline, QGIS)

ARTHIST 290 Splendor of Renaissance Venice

course-s17-splendorvenice**UPDATE 1/12/17: This course has been canceled.**

Residents of Venice, both individually and collectively, fashioned an image of the city as unprecedented and exceptional, accomplishing this in great part through art and architecture.  By considering a range of artistic patrons and their art commissions and a number of the most famous artists, this course will offer a broad picture of Renaissance Venice, its art, and society. A Wired! class, the semester-research project will include a digital visualization. Read more.

Time & Location: TTh 11:45am-1:00pm | Smith Warehouse, Bay 10, A266

Digital Tools & Techniques: TBA

HCVIS 581S-01 Historical & Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2

Interactivity and online content management with 2D and 3D imaging and interactive systems. Mini-projects based on existing and new research data from the Wired! Lab and elsewhere. Best practices for digital research project planning and collaboration. Theoretical topics include: critical digital heritage, virtuality and culture, information aesthetics, hypermedia information design. Proseminar 1 required. Read more.

Cross-listings: VMS 581S-01 | ISIS 581S-01

Time & Location: M 1:25-3:55pm | The Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: 2D & 3D imaging (Photoshop, photogrammetry, Sketchup, etc.), interactive systems (Unity, etc.) — specific tools subject to change.