Spring 2016 Courses


The Wired! Lab offers courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. Courses cover a range of art historical and historical topics, as well as methods and theories of digital humanities and digital art history. Each course integrates the use of one or more digital tools into its syllabus. These tools enhance students’ understandings of course materials while also adding to their digital skill sets.

Read the brief synopses below to learn more about the lab’s Spring 2016 courses, and check out our list of recommended courses covering related topics offered in other departments at Duke and at other area universities. Read more about all courses Wired! offers here.

ARTHIST 190S-01 The Medieval Castle in Britain

UPDATE 1/19/16: This course is full, but a new section has been created. This new section (ARTHIST 190S-02) will meet Wed. 7:30-10:00pm. To find out more, email Dr. Matthew Woodworth at matthew[dot]woodworth[at]duke[dot]edu.

This special topics course, created by popular demand, investigates the evolution of the British castle from the Norman Conquest through the end of the Tudor dynasty (i.e., 1066-1603). Students will use 3D modeling to map the location of castles in the British landscape, as well as make digital reconstructions (both external and internal) of how a vanished or ruinous castle would have appeared in its heyday. Read more.


Time & Location: TTH 1:25-2:40pm | Smith, Bay 9, A266

Digital Tools & Techniques: 3D modeling (SketchUp)

ARTHIST 255-01 Art in Renaissance Italy

This course introduces the development of painting, sculpture, and architecture in Rome from the fifteenth to the early seventeenth centuries, focusing on the patronage of the Popes and Papal court. As part of their coursework, students will develop a digital book as a response to Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the ArtistsRead more.

Cross-listings: MEDREN 225-01 | ITALIAN 386-01

Time & Location: MW 1:25-2:40pm | Smith Warehouse, Bay 9 2nd Floor, Rm A290

Digital Tools & Techniques: image editing, book design, WordPress

HCVIS 581S-01 Proseminar 2 on Models

Models offer a site in which making and conceptualization are inextricably interwoven. Like models themselves, this seminar brings theory and practice together. We shall develop skills both in making models and in thinking about and through models. Read more.

Cross-listings: ISIS 581S-01 | VMS 581S-01

Time & Location: T 1:25-3:55pm | The Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: 3D modeling

VMS 89S Mapping and Modeling Early Modern Venice

The goal of this Wired! course is to map the urban landscape of early modern Venice by re-constructing lost architectural gems of the fifteenth and sixteenth century along with their immediate surroundings. To accomplish this, students will work in groups to use digital tools to translate historical and modern maps, prints, engravings and paintings into 3-D models. This course is a First Year Seminar and is open to first years only. Read more.


Time & Location: T 10:20am-12:50pm | Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11 2nd Floor, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: 3D modeling, mapping

VMS 551SL Wired! The Lives of Things

Advanced Digital Art History. More information coming soon! Read more.

Cross-listings: ARTHIST 551SL | ISIS 551SL

Time & Location: M 3:05-5:50pm |  The Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: 3D modeling, mapping, digital exhibits