Alexandra Smith

Wired! Fellow


Digital Athens

Erica Sherman

PhD Candidate in Art, Art History & Visual Studies | Graduated 2017
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Publications & Presentations


Sherman, Erica. “Urban Agents: Confraternities, Devotion and the Formation of a New Urban State in Eighteenth-Century Minas Gerais.” PhD dissertation, 2017.


Dodson, Alexandra and Erica Sherman. “Visualizing Venice.” Poster presentation. College Art Association Annual Conference. Los Angeles, CA. February 22-25, 2012.

Gianighian, Giorgio and Erica Sherman. “Robotics and Cultural Heritage.” RICH 2012: Robotics Innovation for Cultural Heritage. Venice, Italy. December 3-4, 2012.

Olson, Mark J.V. and Elizabeth P. Baltes, Erica Sherman, Victoria Szabo. “Digital Scholarly Communication – Notes from the Wired! Lab for Digital Historical Visualization,” HASTAC 2011 Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, December 02, 2011.

Sherman, Erica and Alexandra Dodson. “Visualizing Venice: Tracking Historical Change with New Technologies.” ICERI (International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation). Madrid, Spain. November 14-16, 2011.

News & Events

Visualizing Venice: The Waters of Venice

Yiou Wang

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2018 | Major Undeclared

Yiou Wang is an undergrad who is very into arts and architecture. She likes to explore the history of the ancient Venetian sites and experiment in bringing arts and technology together. She is currently working with VIVA.


Venice Interactive Visual Atlas

Casey Tissue

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2016 | Majors in Visual & Media Studies and Computer Science

I’m a senior majoring in Visual & Media Studies and Computer Science. This is my second semester in the lab, and I’ve been working with Professor Dillon on the Digital Athens project.


Digital Athens

Tara Trahey

Humanities Writ Large Fellow
Class of 2015 | Major in Visual Arts/Art History & European/Italian Studies, Minor in Classical Civilization

I graduated from Duke in 2015 with a double major in Visual Arts/Art History and European and Italian Studies, minoring in Classical Civilizations. At Duke, I completed an honors thesis entitled: “The Woman on the Bull: An Iconographic Case Study of the 6th century BCE Athenian Vase Trade.” In 2016, as a continuation of my long-term research project involving a vase from the permanent Antiquities collection at the Nasher Museum of Art, I published an article entitled, “Trademarks and the Dynamic Image: A Step to Visualizing Patterns in Imagery Movement from Athens to Etruria” in the Archaeological Institute of America’s monograph series, The Consumer’s Choice: Uses of Greek Figure-Decorated Pottery. My research for this project concerned the ways in which digital tools elucidated connective relationships in the vase trade between Athens and central Italy. I was also a founder of DUMA—Duke Union for Media & the Arts—our department’s first undergraduate union.

After graduating from Duke, I received a full fellowship to study at the University of Oxford, thanks to the generous Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities. I completed my Master of Studies in Classical Archaeology in 2016. I am currently a first-year PhD candidate in Art History and Archaeology at the Institute of Fine Arts. In my first three years I will take coursework in a variety of art historical sub-fields, before beginning my doctoral research.

Publications & Presentations

Trahey, Tara M. “A Black-Figure Vase in the Nasher Museum: Visualizing an Iconographic Network between Athens and Vulci in the 6th Century BCE.” BA Graduation with Distinction thesis, in progress.

Anna Vivian

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2017 | Major in Physics & Art History

Anna Vivian is a sophomore double majoring in Physics and Art History. In the Wired! Lab, she works on the Digital Athens project with a focus on domestic spaces. Her interests include the interaction of public and private spaces and buildings as well as the community life of urban areas.


Digital Athens

Hanna Wiegers

Class of 2016 | Art History & Neuroscience

Hanna Wiegers is a junior with a double major in art history and neuroscience. After studying abroad in Paris last semester, she discovered her enthusiasm for all things medieval. She is pursuing a thesis in medieval art history, and she particularly loves gothic cathedrals. When not working on these projects, she can be found working for The Standard, Duke’s online magazine, or as a student intern in the alumni office. She hopes to work in the art world after graduating and loves the Wired! Lab for its enthusiastic environment and drive to rethink how art history can be integrated in the digital world.


Paris of Waters

Troyes Cathedral: Stained Glass

Jessica Williams

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2019 | Indent to declare Major in Psychology, Minor in Art History

Jessica Williams is a freshman planning (tentatively) to major in Psychology and minor in Art History. She is involved in outreach for the Kingdom of Sicily project, as well as research for the Statues Speak! project. Outside of Wired!, Jessica writes for the arts section of The Chronicle.


The Kingdom of Sicily Database

Statues Speak

Jimmy Zhang

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2017 | Major in Statistics and Computer Science

I currently work in project Visualizing Venice Virtual World as a research fellowship. My major job includes modeling churches, doing historical research.


Venice Virtual World