Dean Patton Visits Wired!

December 5, 2014

This past Friday, Laurie Patton, Dean of Arts & Sciences, stopped by the Wired! Lab’s weekly open lab time to observe students and faculty at work together and to find out more about the various projects in progress. Here are a few photos from her visit.

Dean Patton joins students and faculty trying out Venice Virtual World, a game that teaches players about historical Venetian architecture and art.

Dean Patton views Digital Athens historical GIS maps with Wired! fellows.

Joseph William, Professor Bruzelius, and Dean Patton discuss next Spring’s Introduction to Art History syllabus.

MFA student Alina Taalman demonstrates to Dean Patton some of her consulting work for Digital Athens.

Ting Lu and Professor Lanzoni discuss Venice Virtual World research documentation while Dean Patton hears about Digital Athens from PhD student Tim Shea.

A student shows Dean Patton and Professor Szabo work in progress on a new augmented reality project, part of Augmenting Urban Experiences.